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Internet in Hull

The city of Kingston upon Hull has an entirely independent telecoms network that isn't touched by BT at all - it's just got the one fixed line provider serving the city and its surrounding towns and villages. Sadly, if you live in Hull, you don't have many broadband choices. But there is a reasonably new company in the city providing pretty reliable internet service. Its unlike traditional internet service, which you get via fixed lines. Over the years they have installed mini dish antennas similar to SKY antenna to their client's house so that they can receive uninterrupted internet. According to Wisper's Broadbands website "Wisper Broadband brings a powerful internet broadband service to your home or business. It's easy to receive, making it suitable for everyone – from home users to students or one-man businesses, up to larger enterprises."
We at Hull Computers & Mobiles are often asked if we know any other reliable internet service provider in Hull other than KC and all we recommend is Wisper Broadband.

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