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Sell my broken Mobile

Lets sell my broken mobile is a thought very few people get purely because it does not seems to be a great idea. There are two main reason for not people not to sell their broken mobile phones, one is that they think its worth nothing, second is they are not sure if there data in the mobile phone will be deleted appropriately and will not go into the wrong hands. Well, before you sell your broken mobile phone you can connect it with ur PC and delete all the data inside mobile phone its much easier if its an iphone as icloud makes it much easier.
"Sell my Mobile" to get some extra cash is one of the thoughts which comes in ones mind instantly if they need extra cash now a days as everyone has a mobile phone and most of us have not developed the habit of selling them off due to the nature of our old devices. although selling mobile phones is not that common but thinking to "sell my broken mobile" is some thing very few think. Firstly, they have our personal details and second is they depreciate their value over time. But the reality is they are still worth some thing especially to companies like Rapid Phone Buyer, phone bank and gadget reclaim. But there are very few companies such as Rapid Phone buyer which is willing to pay for even your broken mobile phones. The money is instantly transferred into customers account when the mobile phone is being received and checked. There is no doubt about the fact that we can easily fetch more money for our old devices from selling websites such as ebay and amazon but there is always the "what if" factor associated to it. Because most of these auction websites used today, give the benefit of doubt to the buyer rather than the seller and if an issue rises, the seller is most probably the one who will be on the loosing side.

We have tons of things in our houses and work places which we think are scrap and do not worth anything but they do, we live in an era where garbage is also being sold and there are metals and recyclable materials being extracted out of it. The mobile phones recycling has become one of the most important recycling niches in the last decade especially due to the fact that there are millions of unwanted devices lying around and decaying. Other than extracting money from these old devices and selling them for some cash, one should also think how this would impact the Eco system. Especially when it comes to broken mobile phones, thinking to sell my broken mobile rarely crosses ones mind purely because we think it wouldn't worth any thing where we go wrong.

I personally had the impression that these old devices are being recycled especially the broken ones but on inquiry I found out that most of the devices being bought by recycling companies now a days are being re used, even those devices which are bought as broken devices. These devices are fixed/refurbished and then are sold to people as they receive another life after being refurbished. Speaking to some industry experts also shed some light on some mobile phone manufacturers who do not want there devices to be refurbished hence the make sure the device cannot be repaired once broken and if it is fixed or repaired then the cost goes well beyond economical repair. Until very recently most of the manufacturers were designing devices which could easily be repaired if broken but they have a negative impact on the manufacturers as the products do not leave the market and keep on coming back eliminating the chances of manufacturers to make money from new models as there is less demand of newer models, but now manufacturers have found out this loop hole. By doing this the manufacturers can clearly make profits despite of the fact that it disastrous of our eco system . I went on sell my mobile to get a quote so that i can sell my broken mobile and got the best quote by Rapid Phone buyer.

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